A product to flatten your stomach and shrink your waistline

July 16, 2012 at 05:40 PM by elegant

Sometimes we feel that everything we eat goes directly to the stomach and stays there forever. No matter what we do, it feels impossible to take off few inches around the waistline. Abdominal fats could lead to unhealthy body weight and may cause diabetes and other chronic health conditions. Cellan Pills contains substances that fight abdominal fats and increase your body functions resulting a flatter stomach and smaller waistline. In order to achieve desired goals of a supplement such as Cellan, you need to follow directions including eating a well-balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables.



Cellan Pills contain ingredients that promote overall body function and get rid of unwanted and partially processed waste accumulated in your body. It contains ingredients such as African mango, Vitamin C and B3, 100 percent green tea extract and others that are proven to improve overall body function, cleanse your body and flatten your waist area. Continues use of the product have shown weight loss in many of those who used it. There are other benefits from the use of the product such as improved energy level beside the flattened waist area. Here is a YouTube video for this product: http://youtu.be/b9AWY0gzLjk.

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The Killing of Kajieme Powell and How It Divides Americans

August 22, 2014 at 09:43 AM by admin

The mentally disturbed man was shot to death by St. Louis law-enforcement officers after walking toward them with a knife. Video of the incident has sparked debate about the police’s reaction.

The police officers who shot and killed Kajieme Powell, 25, in St. Louis, Missouri, on Tuesday did so while being recorded by a man with a cell phone camera. St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson and police union officials say the video is exculpatory and that the two officers on the scene followed proper protocol. Many who’ve watched the shooting grant that the police were put in a difficult, volatile, potentially deadly situation, but still feel that their actions were wrongheaded. The footage certain to be debated in coming days begins at the 1:20 mark. Be forewarned that the video shows a man being shot repeatedly and killed. Due to its disturbing nature some readers may prefer to skip watching it entirely.


What I see in this video (as well as in an even clearer version that CNN somehow obtained) is a man almost certainly suffering from mental illness who deliberately provokes these police officers, putting them in a terrible, unfair position that will probably haunt them forever—and police officers who immediately played into the orchestrated confrontation that the seemingly unstable man created. I also see an incident that contradicts what Police Chief Sam Dotson described to onlookers at the scene, as reported by the St. Louis Dispatch. The discrepancy comes after police arrive and start giving Powell orders…

…but he became more agitated and walked toward them, reaching for his waistband. Witnesses told police the man was yelling, “Shoot me, kill me now,” during the encounter, Dotson said. The officers drew their weapons and ordered Powell to stop. He did stop, but then pulled out a knife and came at the officers, gripping and holding it high, Dotson said. They ordered him to stop and drop the knife. When he got within 2 or 3 feet of the officers, they fired, killing Powell.

Was Powell holding a knife high as he approached the police officers? I don’t see that. It looks to me as though his arms remain low at his sides, and that detail doesn’t appear in the police report. The cause of this disparity isn’t clear, but the position of the knife doesn’t significantly change how much of a threat it posed, anyways.

When I first watched the video, I wanted the officers to back up to buy time as the man slowly approached. A police training video helped me to better understand the mindset of the officers, given the information that they’ve likely been given about research into the distance at which a man with a knife is dangerous:

With that in mind, it seems to me that the initial set-up chosen by the police officers was the bigger problem. The man with the knife wasn’t anywhere near other onlookers and perhaps could’ve been calmed or incapacitated with less than lethal force had the officers given themselves more space and time. If they had it do to over, would they have parked farther away, or stood on the other side of their vehicle while engaging the man? Would they assert themselves less confrontationally? (On the other hand, would you or I do any better in their place?)

“It is easy to criticize,” Ezra Klein writes. “It is easy to watch a cell phone video and think of all the ways it could have gone differently. It is easy to forget that the police saw a mentally unbalanced man with a knife advancing on them. It is easy to forget that 20 seconds only takes 20 seconds. It is easy to forget that police get scared. It is easy not to ask yourself what you might have done if you had a gun and a man came at you with a knife.” All true. “But there is still something wrong with that video,” he adds, doing his best to articulate specific objections that I share:

The police arrive and instantly escalate the situation… Powell looks sick more than he looks dangerous. But the police draw their weapons as soon as they exit their car… They don’t seem to know how to stop Powell, save for using deadly force. But all Powell had was a steak knife. If the police had been in their car, with the windows rolled up, he could have done little to hurt them…

…Even when he advances on police, he walks, rather than runs… He swings his arms normally, rather than entering into a fighting stance. They begin yelling at him to stop. And when they begin shooting, they shoot to kill—even continuing to shoot when Powell is motionless on the ground. There is no warning shot, even. It does not seem like it should be so easy to take a life.

That’s how I felt, too.

A police officer might retort that law enforcement shouldn’t be obligated to take on any extra risk to their own lives in a dangerous situation wholly and needlessly created by a person menacing them. A citizen deliberately baiting police with a deadly weapon cannot expect restraint. Even a small knife can be deadly.

In the abstract, I can’t disagree with those principles—and if questionable police killings were confined to such circumstances, there’d be less cause than now to complain about overzealous law enforcement. Yet watching this video, it seems certain in hindsight that the threat could’ve been stopped with force short of at least nine and as many as 12 gunshots; and again, if they’d kept more initial distance between themselves and a man they knew to have a knife before they even arrived, perhaps no deadly threat would’ve materialized. If they’d stood well back and engaged, perhaps Powell would’ve kept coming with a knife until stopped.

But they didn’t even attempt that strategy. (As Elizabeth Brown notes, deadly interactions with the mentally ill happen a lot, and failure to even try deescalating is often a factor.) I suspect that Klein is right when he says that in this case, despite clear video evidence of what happened, “what the police believe to be the right thing and what the people they serve believe to be the right thing may be very different.”

Perhaps highlighting different reactions will at least clarify how different Americans feel about the same incident. If nothing else, a gulf in public opinion almost certainly undermines the effectiveness of police departments that depend on community support. With that in mind, here are some illuminating reactions to the killing.

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Why You Should Be Using Artificial Grass

December 19, 2013 at 01:36 AM by publisher

Every home needs a lawn. That’s been the conventional wisdom now since any of us were alive. It’s just accepted that a home must be surrounded by grass. Of course, this grass must be cared for so, in order to do that, we have to constantly be outside inspecting it. Are there vermin present? Are weeds growing? Should it be cut soon? Is it getting enough water? If we ask ourselves this question enough and consistently give the right answer, our reward will be a nice, healthy lawn.

No matter how you dress it up, lawns cost a lot of time and money and return nothing but a short, green plant. Think about what you could do with all that time back. Imagine the difference it would make, in today’s economy, if you had extra money every month because you weren’t constantly running the sprinklers.

This can be yours thanks to synthetic turf. International providers are sprouting up all over the map thanks to the current demand.

If you don’t know where to buy artificial grass, simply go online. Chances are, if there’s not a manufacturer in your area, there’s at least a company who can install it. Have the manufacturer send the artificial turf to them and the installation will take about a day or two. Then your lawn is installed and you can begin saving money.


The Many Uses for Foam

December 18, 2013 at 01:32 AM by publisher

Chances are this isn’t the first time you’ll hear about foam. We’ve all encountered it in some way or another throughout our lives. Unfortunately, most of us haven’t felt it as a mattress or even cushions. Don’t go running out and collecting packaging foam. Canada has plenty of it, but it’s not the kind we’re talking about here.

One example is custom outdoor cushions made from foam. So long as the exterior material is waterproof or you at least bring them in at the end of the day, you can experience the superior comfort provided by foam. You’ll never consider stuffing again.

Another great use for foam is as a mattress. If you’ve been using the traditional variety and find yourself waking up with aches and pains or just the overall feeling that you didn’t get enough sleep, chances are you need a foam mattress in your life.

Unlike springs, foam will even disburse your weight. As a result your body gets the exact amount of support it needs. What won’t happen is a bunch of springs pushing back on you at odd angles where support isn’t needed. When this happens, you lose out on sleep and you wake with the kind of discomfort described earlier.

Don’t discount foam as only good for packing things. There’s a lot more to it than that.


Article submitted by Canada Foam by Mail. They offer a wide selection of mattresses you want, whether it’s a standard foam option, the latex variety and even custom cushions made from foam.

Heating it Well

December 17, 2013 at 10:56 PM by publisher

When you’ve spent twelve hours at work, three hours in traffic, and you’re on your sixth shift of the week, nothing can feel as relaxing and as soothing as a hot shower. Forget expensive spas, and timely massages from unknown strangers, nothing can quite match the soothing caress of hot water on you tired and achy body. Imagine it, the steam clearing up your airways, the warm stream of water on your body, the smell of the many fresh soaps and luxurious lather of your wash, it is nothing short of a lovely affair. Now imagine the same situation, waiting for the warmth to fall down upon your body, but this time, you are welcomed by the bone-chilling surge of ice-cold water – surprising, most definitely.

Don’t let that happen to you, be prepared and make sure to have your water heater checked and serviced regularly. For those heaters a little long in the tooth, a change might even be in order. When it comes to the point wherein you need to buy Water Heater units anew, be smart and look for the following features. Make sure the tank of your new centralized heater unit is made from quality stainless steel. Make sure it has a built in temperature control to ensure that you don’t turn into a piece of boiled cabbage after your morning shower. Lastly, always consult with a professional to make sure that your heater is properly sized, selected, and installed to ensure years of hassle free service.

Look for Foam When You Replace Your Cushions

December 16, 2013 at 02:07 AM by publisher

Unless you don’t mind standing all day, chances are you probably have a fair amount of furniture in your home. It’s probably also a safe bet that your goal for this furniture is to be as comfortable as possible when you take a load off.

Unfortunately, this can’t always be the case. The more sitting they’re exposed to over the years, the more the cushions will eventually need to be replaced. It’s important you realize replacing them is an option, so you don’t go throwing out an entire couch or loveseat simply because you need new cushions.

When looking for new cushions, consider the foam replacement option. Because foam is so malleable, it can easily be manipulated into whatever shape you need it for the furniture in question.

It’s also far superior in terms of comfort. Foam is thicket and firmer than other varieties of cushioning, but it still has plenty of give. Chances are you’ll notice the difference right away as your weight is evenly distributed across the whole cushion. This means no areas where the cushion lets you sink more than others.

If you’re in the market for new cushions for your furniture, you’re in luck. Replacing them with a foam alternative will not only make you more comfortable, but help you save money too.


Article submitted by The Foam Factory. The company sells couch cushions as well as those for all kinds of furniture, so you don’t have to throw it away and pay more for replacements.

Important Things That You Should Know About Air Filters

December 15, 2013 at 12:16 AM by publisher

It has been found that poor air quality is one of the common causes why we acquire various diseases. Staying indoors does not eliminate your chances of having poor air quality, in fact, air pollutants and allergens are mostly found on home furniture such as carpets and even on your pets. To help solve this, air conditioner filters should be installed to catch air pollutant particles that can trigger or worsen respiratory diseases. Brands such as 3M, Honeywell and Filtrete air filters are popular in the market as these works efficiently in cleaning indoor air by up to 98%.

How does an air filter work? The equipment is usually installed right next to your furnace or through the use of an air conditioning system. Air passes through the filter repeatedly to “filter out” the air. Dust, molds, fibers and various organic pollutants remain on the filter which needs to be replaced or cleaned from time to time. What happens when you forget to replace or clean your filter? When the filter is filled with dust, air flow is restricted resulting to having the fan motor work more and consume more energy. If left at this condition, the filter will not work the way it is supposed to leaving the air dirty and worse, having an equipment failure. Always check and maintain your air filters by washing or replacing it every thirty days.


Article submitted by Your Filter Connection. Your Filter Connection is one of the leading suppliers of air conditioners, air purifiers, electrostatic furnace filter and many more.

Arrive and Drive

December 13, 2013 at 07:09 AM by publisher

The Grand Caymans, a place of solitude, a respite from the hustle and bustle of urbanized cities and business hubs. A far departure from the minute-by-minute lifestyles of wall street and many financial hubs, the atmosphere here is more relaxed, and much more serene. However, the grand caymans still serves as a hub for many offshore banking transactions, and is frequented by investment bankers and wealthy businessmen from around the work to not just work, but also to unwind.

The next time you find yourself in the grand caymans, live like a king and arrive and drive with the help of a grand cayman car rentals company. Live in the lap of luxury with a premium rental and enjoy the Island as you speed away and enjoy the beautiful tropical scenery and fresh sea breeze. When choosing a grand cayman rent a car be smart and choose only the best. Look for a company offering bespoke services, personalize concierge service and the choice of nothing but the best vehicles. Look for a company that meticulously maintains their entire fleet to ensure not just safety, but also maximum performance and reliability for all their vehicles. Pick a company with a known track record of personalized, quality service, best value for money, and absolute maximum attention to the needs of their customers. From the moment you arrive, to the minute before take-off, travel in style and comfort with only the best services from the best car rental company.

Article submitted by Andy’s Rent-A-Car, A long standing grand cayman rent a car company.

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Foam for the Great Outdoors

November 25, 2013 at 08:39 AM by admin

Most of us love some quality time spent in the great outdoors. Whether it’s camping, time spent out on the water or both, being in nature is a great way to get away. Of course, that doesn’t mean we have to be “roughing it.” The great thing about modern technology is we can enjoy the best of both worlds. However, whether you’re using a camper or tech-savvy boat, you can’t forget about one basic feature: your foam.

If you’re going camping, you need a tent. Otherwise, you’re liable to spend all night swatting away insects or covering up from the rain. Many people choose campers to help make this process easier. It guarantees an easy setup when you arrive and you’ll never need to struggle with setting up a tent again! Of course, without the right camper cushions, it will be difficult to enjoy your indoor time outdoors.

The same goes for time out on the water. There are many things to look for in the perfect boat. Obviously, you need a vessel you can trust will stay afloat. Depending on the size of it and its purposes, you’ll need some time finding the right motor too. But without the proper boat cushions, time on the water will be time spent waiting to come back in. Look for Dryfast foam as it will be up to the job of taking on the elements and shrugging them off.


Article submitted by The Foam Factory. They specialize in everything foam-related from packaging foam to mattress foams and even RV bedding.


Why People Love Silicone Mattresses

November 24, 2013 at 07:27 AM by admin

When it comes to creature comforts, foam is one of the best and most versatile. You can rely on foam to both keep you comfortable and sustain years of use. There are all different kinds of foam for Canadians to enjoy as well. This is especially when true when it comes to mattresses. One popular variety is latex. Keep reading to find out more.

A latex mattress in Canada is not a rare thing these days. There are many benefits to using one. First of all, silicone is extremely comfortable, especially when compared to some of the more traditional types of mattresses. In fact, many people simply can’t go back to a traditional type after a night or two on silicone.

Furthermore, silicone offers superior breathability. This makes for a mattress that can better keep its cool when temperatures around it heat up. Those of us living in climates that can get uncomfortably warm in the summer know how important anything that helps beat the heat can be. Silicone definitely delivers.

Silicone is also hypoallergenic, meaning it is inhospitable to all kinds of microbes and other microscopic things that can trip people’s allergies. This makes silicone a great mattress option for those with allergies.

Nowadays, even dog beds in Canada come with the silicone option. If your animal has a particularly hard time with summer or has allergies, silicones the best bet.


Article submitted by Canada foam by mail. The company supplies all kinds of foam including those for your pillow, seat cushion and mattress. Canada foam by mail is home to foam!

The Various Kinds of Mattress Foam

November 23, 2013 at 08:48 AM by admin

When it comes to foam, not every kind is created equal. This makes sense, of course. You wouldn’t want the same consistency of foam in your mattress as you’d want from seat backs. You wouldn’t need the same kind of durability in your loveseat’s foam as you’d demand from the kind you use for your boat’s furniture. When it comes to mattress foam, there is no shortage to choose from. Keep reading to learn more.

All mattresses essentially serve the same purpose, which is to support your total body weight when lying down. Much of this job is shouldered by the kind of foam inside your mattress. The type of mattress in question will determine the kind of foam you use them.

For example, sometimes your mattress will be only foam, like in the case of a latex mattress. Other times, you simply need a comfortable latex topper to run across it. Convoluted toppers, which resemble egg crates, can also be used to augment any surface you plan on sleeping on.

Even your most conventional mattresses make use of foam though. Without it, those cold, hard springs would dig into your body. Other bed foams include memory mattresses, which “remember” your body’s shape after you’re done lying on it.

Mattresses are an important part of our everyday (and night) lives. Without foam, it would be incredibly different though. Above are just some of the many examples of the foams used to achieve the best results.


Article submitted by The Foam Factory. They specialize in everything foam-related from packaging foam to the foam inserts you use for couches, loveseats, etc.